Round 4 - Match Report - Supers Team

President Will has written a ripper Match Report for the Round 4 Supers Match - posted below...

We hope to make Match Reports a regular feature from all 3 teams after every game. If you're keen on helping write some please contact your coaches!

Brunswick Mudlarks last travelled to the Kinder Smith Reserve in Sunshine for the last round of 2014 and had a close but disappointing loss to Western Kangaroos for the Wooden Spoon battle. The toll of the first year of playing Superules and the fact that the Kangaroos were able to find a few good 35’s out of the local league to play the last game sealed our fate.

Returning to Kinder Smith in 2015 was a different story though. New Coach Mike Frencham made the journey with a 3-0 win record. A number of new players have joined the club and an away game that would have been a nightmare last season with the struggle for numbers, was now presenting as a chance for the Mudlarks to show they weren’t just early season pretenders and had the mettle to take out a 4th win.

Who would not play on a day like this. 19C, ground in perfect condition and a very light breeze blowing. Unfortunately we did have a couple of late withdrawals which left us with just one on the bench and Showe to arrive later. Brave effort from our resident famous guitarist Glenn Musto who could barely walk the day before but his knee swelling subsided enough for him to run off the bench and have a pretty good game at about 70% of his norm… our fastest player that did rob us of some midfield run. The cavalry did arrive with the President, Professor and Mad Scientist arriving from the 45’s to run the bench, trainer Amelia with them as well and Big Rog also rolled in just after the start to assist where required. The President even slipped on this shorts and jumper ready to join the action if needed.

The bench numbers weren’t noticed early though with the starting 18 seeing out the 1st quarter in grand style. Against a much bigger but slower opponent the Mudlarks were  up and running. Huss was on fire early but inaccurate with is disposal and it wasn’t till Huss, Benny and Paws got their Radar settings fixed on Trav that the scoreboard started to turn in our favour. The ex-Sunbury champ doesn’t have a very busy weekend at all, coaching Fitzroy Stars on a Saturday, running kids around to footy on a Sunday morning and then rolling in for a lazy 3 goals in the quarter. It is great to have his marking power down forward and it also helps to release Micky Salloum from being double teamed and he was also starting to look very dangerous.

Dacca was also very prominent early and is the new age Bourkey for us. Dacca you will have to ask around about Bourkey but it is a compliment, don’t worry. New players keep arriving as well with Ziggy and Nat slotting straight into the backline. Ziggy came across from Ascot Vale to play with us and team up with a few of his old West Coburg mates. Nat is another member of our Actors Guild, joining Swainey, Rohan and Coach Frencham…..when they make another footy movie in Australia the Mudlarks could be the home of filming. Maybe I will have to get my old Rupertswood teammate Nathan Phillips to come and join us from Snakes on the Plane fame (just looked him up and he is 35 this year). Nat was playing his first game in 11 years and did really well.

Browny was giving away a few inches to the double towers of the Kangaroos and Rohan had another bigger guy as well at full forward. Both of them did great jobs and once they brought the ball to the ground for the runners Brunswick were off.

Carl (doesn’t he look like Jobe Watson) Marin is gaining a rep as the best tackler in the team and Captain Benny will have to watch he doesn’t lose that title. Funnily enough they are both training at the same gym. I don’t think there is any doubt that the coaching role has improved the footy of coach Frencham and he has added some dash to his footy as well. Some great play from the coach during the game but the highlight was definitely his 40 metre run without a bounce and then getting away with it. Another highlight was to the team psyche and motivater Paws. His mark of the year was followed by a beautiful kick out on the full… front of the opposition coaches box as well Pawsy…..sure he did that to lull the opposition into a false sense of security.

To finish the 3 highlights reel was the last quarter loose ball in the Mudlarks goal square. Little brother Paul Salloum has played in the shadow of Michael last year but his game has stepped up a couple of notches this year and he provided plenty of drive around the ground. The loose ball in the Mudlarks goal square was pounced upon by the two brothers racing in side by side. Paul gave Mick a slight bump to the side and got his foot to the ball to claim the goal. Michael would have loved to have 3 to his name but ended up with 2 goals (something?). We don’t go into his points but he did kick a few including a poster.

Everyone jumped on the highlights reel at some stage with Matty Sullivan doing some time on the wing, Nick Mann always reliable and running hard out of the backline, Sam is doing amazing work playing across 3 or 4 positions as did Mick playing his second game. Can’t forget to mention Brendan Bailey who Fox Sports have down as 1 goal but I am pretty sure he snagged two. Both were beauties and the 2nd would have been loved by Rex Hunt, a finger breaking mongrel punt J

After watching Rohan from the 45s kick 5 earlier in the day it was great to see Trav snag 6 and could have had more but moved into the midfield for a fair chunk of the second half.

The undefeated Supers now meet the Supers favourites De La Salle in a must win clash in the next game at home ground McAlister Reserve. Be there to see what these boys add to the highlights reel.


Goal Kickers

T. Hodgson 6, M. Salloum 2, H. Ellahibi , P. Salloum , B. Pawsey , B. Bailey , S. Iaconessi , P. Diacogiorgis , Z. Chakielli 

Best Players

Z. Chakielli , H. Ellahibi , P. Diacogiorgis , B. Pawsey , T. Hodgson , B. Perelberg