Insure your bones

Greetings Lads,

A friendly reminder regarding the hilarious and fascinating world of health insurance.

Serious injury is rare at the Mudlarks, but once in a while a player will suffer humiliation, a fracture, or maybe a concussion. Please note that to protect yourself from injury costs, you will have needed to organise your own health insurance, ambulance cover and income insurance. 

The club's insurance policy only covers the committee members being sued by a player should he suffer injury due to, say, an unsafe playing surface, playing against an under-age player, or the Mudlark Park banner flying off the fence and knocking you out.

In short, you're 100% responsible for your own heath care, and 100% liable for any costs incurred due to treatment needed after playing for the Mudlarks (psychological and physical). Until one of us strikes oil in the backyard, or wins lotto, that situation will remain. So hit the phones and get yourself protection.

Be well.