Presidents Message - April 2015

Hello to the Mudlark team,

Congratulations to all for your efforts in Round 1 of the Superules competition. 3 great wins for the day was not expected, so therefore it was a very nice surprise. It was also a great reward for the efforts of the committee and coaches during the off season. If we can continue to recruit a few more players, I am sure we will get the opportunity to play some finals football in 2015 but as they say in footy, one week at a time.

Before I move onto the VERY IMPORTANT fixture news, I would like to mention a few unfortunate injuries on the weekend. Apart from a few sprains, a couple of banged up fingers and plenty of sore bodies there were two more serious injuries that I know of. Merrick dislocated his shoulder in the 45’s and will most likely miss the rest of the season. Magoo who has trained the house down and was very excited to be playing his first game with the club tore his calf and will miss the first half of the season. Both of these injuries reinforces the need for all players to make sure they have the appropriate medical cover that us old footballers need. Please check out what you have and if it is not appropriate, please re visit your policy. Hope to see Magoo back soon and wish Merrick a speedy recovery. After 3 shoulder ops Merrick, I know what you are going through.

So IMPORTANT stuff. Round 2 is on April 26th and then Round 3 is the following week on May 3rd to allow for Mothers Day on May 10th. Not only do we only have the one week recovery but we also have our first away games with the club at 3 different venues. Old Scotch In Camberwell for the 35’s, Laurimar way up north for Masters and across the bay for me at Mornington for the 45’s. Can all players please check their schedules and let  your coach or coaches know if you can make your game, if you have to play in a different side or if you can’t make it (barring any injuries from Round 2). This is really important as we will need to best try and spread our available players across the 3 teams.

Good luck in Round 2.