Welcome to the 2015 Season

Welcome to the 2015 season where we hope to keep moving forward with the 3 teams and the club in general. 
The Committee met 2 weeks ago for the AGM and I have been chosen to replace the great man, Tim Ratcliffe as club President. Big shoes to fill but Ratty has not deserted us, he has moved into a joint Vice Presidential role with the much loved Tony “Tiger” Hardy. 
Funnily enough, both share the common bond of leaving the field of battle with bleeding head wounds whilst playing for Vic Metro National teams. More blood has been spilled by our two VP’s in the Vic Metro colours than all of the other Victorian Superules sides put together. Well done boys.

The response to committee help and filling positions has been extremely good and we have a very strong executive and committee group. 

COACHES: We have coaches partially selected for the 45’s and Masters but do still need to fill the No. 1 coaching position for the Supers. 
There is already talk of a host of new players coming to the club and plenty in the younger age group, so please help us with an email or phone call if you know of someone who would like to take on that key coaching role.So what is planned for the remainder of 2014.
Our version of 9’s will begin next Monday, November 10th. Many in the club have already had a couple of seasons of 9’s and it has proved very successful in luring new players to the club. 
The Mudlark version is the Bali 9 model rather than the AFL 9’s model which means it isn’t as strictly controlled but we do emphasize that it is very clearly non-tackling and minimal contact. It is also a fun night where we take away the seriousness of the proper season and have some fun whilst keeping fit. 
It is a perfect time to introduce new players, friends, brothers and even some of our players children. 
For the remainder of 2014 the 9’s will begin with a warm up at 6pm, then game time at 6,15 to 6.30.
It is imperative that those turning up later, do their own warm up and we need to emphasize this to new players as we don’t want them doing calf or hamstring injuries in their first run. 

The new look FB page and Mud website will carry constant information over the remaining weeks, so stay tuned. Monday 9’s will continue each Monday till Dec 22nd and then recommence in late January.Wed night training. 
Begins Wed Nov 26th at 6.15pm. 
This training will be pure footy training. 
The focus will be on plenty of touches, handballing, skills, kicking short to medium distances and improving your footy thinking. We will throw fitness and strength work in, keeping them footy related wherever possible. 
Once again a perfect time for new players or even friends who just want to keep fit, to roll up and meet everyone. Wednesday nights will continue through to Dec 17th.

For those who don’t traditionally get down to train during Spring and Summer let me try to encourage you with some Mudlarks facts. If you go over the players who play the most time and even multiple games at Brunswick, they are the people we see constantly over Spring and Summer. 
I know that from a personal point of view I use the sessions as a fitness motivation but the key factor is that the warm weather is much kinder to our older muscles and it helps build a great muscle base for the proper season. Just trying to think of the real warriors at the club who rarely miss with muscular injuries like Michael and Paul, Chook, Poly, BJ, Tiger, Dom, Liv, Benny P, Frenchy, Andy, etc, etc all play and train hard through this time period. 
Please have a think about your health, your time and your fitness and see if you can get down to join us.
CAN’T WAIT. - Wilba.